What We Heard: February 2018

In What We Heard we highlight a few choice quotes from our writers regarding albums that stood out from this month, and provide you with a playlist of this month’s best songs (featured in the “Favorite Tracks” section of each review).

What We Heard

“. . . THE PLAY (is) unlikely to be seen as much more than a footnote to last year’s PRETTY GIRLS LIKE TRAP MUSIC, but to watch 2 Chainz, who serves as the link between the days of UGK and crunk and trap music, reminisce on his city is compelling. And even if you don’t get much out of that, THE PLAY DON’T CARE WHO MAKES IT is a solid quartet of songs from one of the most inventive MCs of his era” — Adam Cash leading the reassessment of 2 Chainz in his review of THE PLAY DON’T CARE WHO MAKES IT


“Every song on LONER is fun. They’re each different and overflowing with personality. Rose’s vocals alone make each song expressive, but unlike on (her debut) I WILL NOT BE AFRAID, where she at times was channeling Dolly Parton’s breathy excitement, here she delivers lines with a punchy swagger that results in something like Veruca Salt by way of Wanda Jackson” — CJ Simonson on Caroline Roses’s career readjustment LONER


“The most spiritual and religious segments sound like horror sci-fi, uniting the legacy of spirituality into ongoing history . . . The album is a statement piece, connecting scripture to real life rebellion in a time when most entertainers do not bat an eye at religious power and strength” — Nikki Reifler on the TRANSANGELIC EXODUS of Ezra Furman


Other Notable Raves:

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Best Tracks of February 2018

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