About Crossfader Magazine

Crossfader Magazine was founded  out of a desire to engender dialogue about modern media. Growing frustrated with several sites that pigeonhole themselves into appealing to a certain demographic (often motivated by corporate aspirations, or lack thereof), Crossfader aims  to offer entirely independent opinions that accurately express the diverse and passionate nature of its staff. Content covered is equally diverse, contributing to the name of the site, as the function of a crossfader is to smoothly transition between disparate parts, maintaining a sense of overall cohesion.

In current times, it seems as if the social climate is all that gets discussed and dissected. While this is undeniably important, media is a direct reflection of both the external and internal nature of modern society and deserves equal attention. Never intentionally contrarian and always honest, the Crossfader staff hope to expose you to new media and new opinions on the media you know and love.