IN THE CROSSHAIRS Episode 19: A Conversation with Adam H. Johnson of CITATIONS NEEDED

IN THE CROSSHAIRS is the bi-weekly podcast of Crossfader Magazine. With IN THE CROSSHAIRS, the Crossfader editing staff will be diving deep into a specific topic in pop culture at large. For this week’s episode, wwere incredibly fortunate to have the journalist and media critic Adam H. Johnson talk to us about the limitations of American news media and how the common tropes in our cultural narratives keep us from assessing issues critically.


If you like this interview, you can find much more of Adam’s work through his podcast, or by following him on Twitter.

Twitter: @adamjohnsonNYC

Carter Moon grew up in the desolate Evangelic capital of the world and responded by developing a taste in counter culture, which eventually bloomed into a love for filmmaking and screenwriting. Carter has average opinions on most things, but will defend them adamantly and loudly until no one else wants to bother speaking up. He runs Crossfader's podcast, IN THE CROSSHAIRS.

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