IN THE CROSSHAIRS Episode 24: Terrace House

Several months back, we did an episode on reality TV and the Netflix show TERRACE HOUSE was brought up. Since then, the show has continued to be a source of fascination for a lot of the Crossfader team, so we decided to devote an episode of IN THE CROSSHAIRS to discussing the series. This is primarily meant to be an introduction to the show, but there is a generous amount of discussion regarding the complex nature of appreciating a Japanese reality show from a Western perspective, so fans of the show should find plenty to enjoy as well!

The contributors and editors who appeared on this episode were: Thomas Seraydarian, Ed Dutcher, Ian Campbell, and Jimmy Evans.


Some Corrections:

We accidentally refer to the contestant Cheri as “Marie” while mentioning her in ALOHA STATE

In fact, Cheri is not Miss Hawaii State, but Miss Hawaii in the sense of “Hawaii” as the “Big Island”

We reference that Arman speaks Japanese to a less fluent degree than the other contestants. This is based off the commentary of the hosts; Arman speaks Japanese better than anyone who appears on this podcast ever will

The good people of Crossfader Magazine.

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