Track Premiere: “Afroo!!!!” by SCŌTT XYLO!

It is our honor and privilege to premiere “Afroo!!!!”, a new single by electronic artist SCŌTT XYLO! Xylo coats himself in a nostalgic, video game-friendly aesthetic (paying respects to Scott Pilgrim accordingly), but don’t let that fool you. 8-bit synths are present, but always complimented with Xylo’s trippy brand of chillstep, which impresses to the very end. Xylo claims his favorite artist is Madlib, and he wears that influence on his sleeve. Recently featured on our list of five artists on SoundCloud and Bandcamp that everyone should check out, SCŌTT XYLO!’s “Afroo!!!!” is complex, heady, and pre-packaged for your late night smoke sesh. SCŌTT XYLO! continues to impress.

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