Super Troopers 2

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Director: Jay Chandrasekhar

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2018

You know, the world sometimes forgets that Hollywood is called the entertainment industry for a reason. It is there to make people feel emotions, yes, but not necessarily only the painful or inspirational ones. I forget that myself sometimes, seeing as I went into SUPER TROOPERS 2 already judging it because it’s not some glamorized masterpiece. What I ended up with was a wondrous time and a new outlook on what can fall under the category of entertainment, something I wish I hadn’t forgotten during my studies of film.

Jay Chandrasekhar wrote, directed, and starred in SUPER TROOPERS 2, as he did with the prequel, SUPER TROOPERS. This sequel is about five goofy and bafoonish Vermont highway patrolmen trying to solve a crime before the Canadian mountaineers can. I’m usually not much for stoner slapstick cringe comedy. However, this particular film was not only making me laugh out loud and slap my knees, but also making me contemplate the current political state of my country. Who’da thunk it?

Super Troopers 2 trio

This could be one of those “that’s my fetish” memes

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At first, as obnoxious as it may sound, I was offended by all of the anti-American jokes throughout the film. The Canadians aren’t happy to have American state troopers on their land, so political insults and mockery against the US of A are everywhere in this movie. I eventually got over myself when I realized that, unfortunately, a lot of what was being said is true. As we all know, America isn’t as great as some have come to think it is. The beauty of SUPER TROOPERS 2 is that it makes us look at those uncomfortable aspects under the guise of raunchy jokes and elaborate prank wars. Many viewers tend to not gravitate towards films that force them to look at their country in a negative light, so adding a sprinkle of alternative comedy is a clever way to redirect without overshadowing.

Usually, I’m pretty tough on the technical aspects of a film. Bad cinematography, editing, or acting can decimate a movie entirely. However, when it comes to the comedy genre, sometimes subpar production value can actually add to the laughs said genre is trying to land. I’m not saying that SUPER TROOPERS 2 failed on the technical side of things, it just wasn’t trying desperately hard to be cinematic, which I appreciate. The cinematography wasn’t anything new, the editing, while obviously purposeful, wasn’t anything to behold, and finally, the acting featured no Oscar-worthy performances, but I think the slightly awkward line deliveries were exactly what the comedy needed. Like I said, there was nothing notable about the production value either way, but these technicalities are not the point at all. Not every film has to be to-the-T precise and innovative. Sometimes films are purely there for, believe it or not, entertainment.

Super Troopers 2 Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe’s Canadian accent honestly is sometimes Irish. Sorry, Rob.

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Thought-provoking and artsy films tend to be what audiences want to qualify as well-done or great. Some believe that a viewer has to walk away having learned something or gained a new perspective on life. I don’t agree. While some of my favorite films are intense dramas, even I, an ostentatious film school student, love to have a simple gut-splitting laugh from a comedy every once in awhile, and SUPER TROOPERS 2 fits the bill, existing as a well-thought-out, humorous ride with a message to boot.

Verdict: Recommend

Emma Wine is a film studies major at Chapman University with a particular interest in horror and drama films. She can usually be found on her laptop, shopping for makeup, and drinking a chai latte.

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