Instant Picks of the Week 4/27/18

Gone are the days of scrolling mindlessly through your queue! No longer will you have to sift through the vastness of what’s coming to the instant viewing wastelands this month! Whether you’re looking for a stellar film or an exciting new show to binge, Instant Picks of the Week brings you the hottest releases in film and television on instant viewing platforms that we know you’ll love, or at the very least not despise.

Instant Picks of the Week Sport Court

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There are always those people in society who we take for granted, those who do the jobs that we don’t want to do. SPORT COURT is about such a person. The web series tells the story of Judge David Linda (Chris Roberti, HIGH MAINTENANCE), who’s been assigned to run a pop-up courtroom in the basement of a sports arena. His court exists for the sole purpose of handing out fines and community service hours to the would-be felons in the parking lot of the arena. The show’s short run time makes it a nice breakfast binge, and Roberti throws in a commendable performance as the try-hard Judge Linda. If you’re looking for a short and sweet web series to check out today on your lunch, SPORT COURT might be right in your . . . court (sorry, I tried). [Derek Daniels]

All episodes of SPORT COURT can be streamed on IFC

Instant Picks of the Week To the Bone

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TO THE BONE (Netflix)

Mental illness is not an easy thing to depict in film or television. Everyone expresses, copes, and struggles with mental illness in their own way, the process uncomfortable and not pretty at all. TO THE BONE illustrates these difficulties in a beautiful manner. This film tells the story of a young woman, Ellen, losing herself to an eating disorder, detailing how her life is spiraling way out of her control. It takes almost the entire film to get to the complex root of Ellen’s disorder, and there is not an easy answer to it when we get there, one of the most realistic factors of mental disorders that is looked over when social media romanticizes them. TO THE BONE is stunning and extraordinarily real. [Emma Wine]

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