YOUNG RICH NI$$A$ 2 by Migos

young rich ni$$a$ 2

Genre: Trap

Recommended Tracks: “You Wanna See,” “Commando,” “Plan B”

If you don’t like Migos, you’re wrong. Well, alright, maybe you don’t listen to hip hop at all (in which case, you’re also wrong, but for entirely different reasons) or you just haven’t listened to hip hop in the last decade and trap as a whole barely makes sense to you (in which case I assume you’re Ice-T, and if so, thanks so much for reading, you’re a legend, sir, and can do whatever the Hell you want.) If you don’t fall into any of these categories; if you fuck with Kendrick, Drake, Future, Young Thug, or any other contemporary rapper, you have to also love Migos. How can you not? Have you seen this video of them freestyling?

Now, you can look down your nose, push up your nerd glasses, and talk about how it doesn’t take talent to rap like that, and technically you wouldn’t be wrong (although I can’t emphasize enough what goddamn nerd you are.) One thing it does take to be able to rap like that is a complete and utter lack of fucks. Could you go on the mic and make “do-do-do” noises like that with total confidence? More importantly, could you coordinate your “BrrrppPPs” and “Skir-sirts” with two other performers like that? I don’t think so ‒ that, my friend, is basically jazz. This takes more than talent; it takes moxie and charisma to be this wantonly, artfully stupid.

How many times could you say Versace and sound this genuinely excited?

YOUNG RICH NI$$A$ 2 more or less finds Migos in a return to form after being properly reunited with Offset to reform their trio. With bangers produced by Migos staples Dun Deal and Zaytoven, as well as a handful of other trap DJs, there’s nothing to really complain about production-wise… It’s just that that’s about all that can be said about the beats on this mixtape. Like any trap, half of what makes Migos who they are is their great production, and unfortunately nothing totally stands out as fire at any point on this tape. Zaytoven in particular thoroughly disappoints with two of the most underwhelming tracks on the tape, “Bars” and “Fall Back.” Migos shouldn’t ever be “easy listening background music,” but both of these tracks, and a handful of others, fade into inoffensive white noise pretty quickly. Migos exists entirely to get you in that “three tequila shots, two red bulls, and a Valium” state of mind and sadly a lot of the tracks on here sound more like “three cups of tea on a quiet afternoon.”

In terms of their actual rapping, however, the Atlanta trio have mostly delivered a pretty satisfying mixtape. “You Wanna See” is a strong stand-out, where Quavo spits: “I’m getting money while you niggas lousy/Shoot a nigga with a rocket like Lowry/Wipe a nigga’s nose like I use Bounty/Quicker picker upper, you a sucker/Cut his body up then drop it in the bowl.” Quavo has always been the standout in terms of actual wordplay and he remains a consistently funny and dynamic MC. Unfortunately, these great moments of rhyming are inconsistent. Offset especially doesn’t show up to the table with much, most likely because he didn’t exactly have a lot of time to write rhymes while inciting riots in jail.

More than anything, this mixtape feels rushed and lacks any of the standout 10/10 bangers found on NO LABEL II and YOUNG RICH NATION. It’s a little disappointing considering this marked their reunion as a trio. There are definitely solid tracks to throw onto your next ratchet party playlist, but don’t expect any of these tracks to become “Fight Night” level hits. That being said, this a group that cranks out mixtapes with the same regularity that many seniors have bowel movements. Any fan of the group shouldn’t give up on these particular trap gods just yet.

Verdict: Do Not Recommend

Carter Moon grew up in the desolate Evangelic capital of the world and responded by developing a taste in counter culture, which eventually bloomed into a love for filmmaking and screenwriting. Carter has average opinions on most things, but will defend them adamantly and loudly until no one else wants to bother speaking up. He runs Crossfader's podcast, IN THE CROSSHAIRS.

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