Track Premiere: “Rousseau” by T.a.p.e.s

It is our honor and privilege to premiere “Rousseau”, a new single by Texas-based ambient artist T.a.p.e.s! We recently recommended their self-titled debut. Buried deep in the annals of SoundCloud, Texas group T.a.p.e.s is one of the hidden gems that make digging through the plethora of middling acts worthwhile. T.a.p.e.s started as a solo project by Hector Carlos Ramirez, and now perform under the name Tocaio. Downtempo artists such as Shigeto, Teebs, and MMOTHS act as heavy influences, although the legacy of post-rock has a strong presence as well, in addition to Ramirez’s favorite acts such as El Ten Eleven, Don Caballero, and American Football. “Rousseau” features heavy post-rock influences, and possesses an undeniable dream-like viscosity. We couldn’t be more excited to check out the upcoming album! 


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