Staff Playlists: S A D G I R L

Staff Playlists is a new music feature that allows our contributors to curate a playlist of their choosing. Up this week is TV Editor Kate Brogden!

Strong! Fierce! Take-no-shit! Powerful! Realized! These words describe the Empowered Woman of 2016! You WILL abolish the Pink Tax thank you very much, because we are an impenetrable force (pun intended – because penises suck!) of unadulterated awesomeness.

Except… when we don’t exactly feel that way. Sometimes you do just need to curl up into a ball with a pint of ice cream and cry over a dumb boy that won’t text you back. And that’s your goddamned right, girl. It’s your right.

Women in music express an incredible depth of emotion, spanning across countless genres and years. The ability to experience and express this sprawling pit of feeling is just one thing that makes being a woman so awesome, and it deserves to be celebrated as much as other emotional milestones like independence and inserting your Mooncup correctly. Some of these songs you will have undoubtedly heard before, some may even be new to you. Either way, they are a celebration of human emotion and a uniquely female perspective on sadness. You don’t have to feel like less of an empowered woman because you’re sad about a boy, or anything else for that matter. Own that sadness, girl. Crank up your bluetooth speakers, whip out the tissues, and let yourself go.

Kate Brogden is the Television Editor at Crossfader in addition to an aspiring screenwriter with a penchant for magical realism and romantic comedies. Her proudest achievement to date is getting a friend into Disneyland without a ticket.

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