Staff Playlists: Fall in Love with Yourself

Staff Playlists is a music feature that allows our contributors to curate a playlist of their choosing. Up this week is music editor Micha Knauer!

This Valentine’s Day, whether you’re busy engaging in festivities with your partner(s) as outlined by capitalism or wallowing in lonesome self-pity (as are the two poles of Valentine activities), it would be beneficial to everyone to remember to celebrate relationships that don’t quite fall into that category of being “relationships.” It’s particularly important to appreciate friendships and familial relationships that support you without question (or reward) every other day of the year. But ultimately, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself; how you treat yourself and take care of your body and mind bleeds into every other relationship, regardless of where those relationships stand in your life. So, in celebration of all the weird feelings that go into loving oneself (or learning how to) we’ve got a bunch of songs that don’t really have much to do with Valentine’s Day, but surely have relevancy every other day.

Micha Knauer handles outreach for Crossfader. They grew up in four different states and once met a prancing chihuahua named Peetie.

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