Crossfader Film Editor Selects: Top Films of 2016

On February 7th, Crossfader will unveil their final top 50 films of 2016. We are beyond excited to share this diverse and eccentric list with you. We pride ourselves in the variety of tastes and the broad range of interests that meet in the Crossfader film section; from avant-garde aficionados to genre die-hards, we got ‘em all. It’s been a crazy year with a huge variety of content. From quirky foreign films to exceptional horror films, the year was so packed with content that it was almost impossible to cover entirely, and yet, somehow, we pulled through and got the essentials to you (or so we hope).

Film section editor Sergio Zaciu has curated a video list that covers his personal top 25; we hope you enjoy it, and eagerly anticipate sharing a more in-depth look into the staff’s official top 50 (and what magic film got enough votes to be the entire team’s top film!)

Let us know what you think and whether Sergio missed out on the real deals of 2016!

"When I make love, I realize eating steak was the preferable alternative." Sergio is the Crossfader Film Editor and a film connoisseur from Romania. He pretends to understand culinary culture enough to call himself an LA foodie, but he just can't manage to like scallops.

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