Bandcamp Picks of the Week 3/8/17

Bandcamp Picks of the Week. If you don’t know, now you know.

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Aquila – HE GIVES

Genre: Progressive Deathcore, Djent

Favorite Tracks: “Impressions,” “Priority,” “Clarity”

If the term “deathcore” causes you to withdraw in fear, I implore you to still give this thing a listen, because the most off-putting element of deathcore, the demonic vocals, are contained to a handful of Bible quotes. Aquila wisely realize that their greatest asset is not their vocalist, but their technicality and instrumental talent. It’s a whirlwind of tempo changes that never feel out of the band’s grasp, and the guitars can switch from a mechanical grind to a tight, ominous riff and vice-versa without losing their power or momentum. The drummer is the real standout of the bunch; from heavy blast-beats to flashy work on the toms, the drums capture how the album’s unpredictability, ending with a gentle piano ballad of all things. HE GIVES lives up to its progressive label with sheer musical density and compositional ambition, and Aquilla deserve a lot of credit given how monotonous and numbing djent can be. If you want the most metal church sermon ever, you can find it here. [Blake Michelle]

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Genre: Alternative R&B, Funk

Favorite Tracks: N/A

ICECREAM DAYDREAM holds a special place in my heart, not only because it’s one of the most interesting albums of the past 12 months, but also because the man behind it, Rick Irby, is one of the main reasons I’m the music fan I am today. In my years as a musician in the Washington D.C. area, Rick helped me and my band refine our sound, get countless shows, and helped us be more than just a suburban rock band. Irby’s 30-minute, one-track album is one of the most outwardly refreshing releases of the past year, sounding like a gorgeous blend of Shlohmo and Shuggie Otis. The breezy instrumentation coupled with the analogue production make ICECREAM DAYDREAM sound like a trip to a casino by the beach in the mid 1970s. Irby has been a cornerstone in the Washington D.C, music scene for around a decade, and this status as a mainstay in one of the nation’s most overlooked but vibrant music scenes is completely justified on his first full length release as Jau Ocean. Give the album a listen here to find yourself transported to a jazzy oasis on a humid summer’s day. [Ted Davis]

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