Bandcamp Picks of the Week 1/25/17

Bandcamp Picks of the Week back with two more stellar records!

bandcamp picks of the week good

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Good Good Blood – HEART LAND

Genre: Indie Folk

Favorite Tracks: “Shake Off The Present,” “I’m So Ugly,” “Spiralling”

Directly following last October’s MOTION | SICKNESS, Good Good Blood is back with another collection of six crisp and cozy folk songs you can wrap yourself up in while looking forward to springtime. The bulk of HEART LAND consists of ASMR worthy music that’ll put a big ol’ smile on your face, even if it feels like there shouldn’t be one there at all! In particular, “Shake Off The Present” and “Spiralling” stand out as beacons of comfort despite their creation and release during increasingly threatening times. Other tracks, like closer “Be It Your Will,” tend to focus on the sound itself, prioritizing texture and timbre over the concise songwriting that envelops the remaining tracks. Proceeds from HEART LAND will also be donated to The Samaritans, a suicide prevention charity organized in the UK and Ireland, so get crackin’ and check this album out here! [Micha Knauer]

bandcamp picks of the week uniform

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Genre: Noise Rock, Industrial Rock

Favorite Tracks: “The Light at the End (Cause),” “The Killing of America,” “Bootlicker”

Oofta! Although a large portion of their roster consists of navel-gazing indie rock, both Pharmakon and Uniform prove that Sacred Bones isn’t afraid to pack a punch when they need to. An ideal release to come out during these dark days of political duress, WAKE IN FRIGHT is one of the most furious albums I’ve heard in quite some time, a jagged, viscera-drenched middle finger to sensibility and society alike. Although most notably in the Steve Albini school of pummeling noise rock, Uniform have also clearly cut their chops on hardcore punk, harsh noise, and industrial, resulting in a beguiling mish-mash of Sleaford Mods, Full of Hell, Ministry, and latter-day Death Grips. While at their peak during the absolutely blistering centerpiece of the favorite tracks, virtually every take on WAKE IN FRIGHT manages to be a pleasantly unpleasant surprise. If you can manage to look past the vocals, 37 minutes you won’t forget is just within your reach. You can listen to it here. [Thomas Seraydarian]

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