Bandcamp Picks of the Week 5/24/17

Hey, hey, hey, it’s Bandcamp Picks of the Week.

bandcamp picks of the week beets

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Genre: Indie Folk

Favorite Tracks: “You Don’t Want Kids To Be Dead,” “Preso Voy,” “Let Clock Work,” “I Think I Might Have Built A Horse,” “Walking To My House”

The music of Juan Wauters should be described as nothing less than a catharsis of warm positivity. His solo work on Captured Tracks and trio of records heading The Beets capture an ethos of total reclamation of the self from alienation, and is not unlike the work of Pat the Bunny or Jonathan Richman. Over a simple drum and acoustic pair, Wauters addresses the listener directly, and over 13 tracks dispels the anxiety or depression that might be a result of one’s work (“Now I Live”), relationships (“Let Clock Work”), religion (“Doing As I Do”), or life experience (“You Don’t Want Kids To Be Dead,” “I Think I Might Have Built A Horse”). As if The Beets were rescuing the listener from an oncoming train—it doesn’t matter if their strumming is a little​ messy or chords not complex—there’s a train coming and there’s no time to be anxious and sad about where you’ve found yourself, as much as you can help it! The music holds no pretensions and is often, at a superficial level, reducible to a bunch of loud kids with cheap instruments, yet Wauters’s direct lyricism and the band’s casual mood bolsters, not hinders, one’s take-away. True to it’s namesake, LET THE POISON OUT is not music to make you feel good, but music to make you feel better. You can check it out here. [Micha Knauer]

bandcamp picks of the week cuar

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Cuarzo – S/T

Genre: Psychedelic Rock

Favorite Tracks: “Nympho,” “Huma Rojo,” “Absenta Negra”

When I recommend a long, nearly vocal-less record, you know I’ve stumbled across a gem, or in this case, some Cuarzo (“Quartz” in Spanish). They’re a Peruvian act who deliver a huge, crushing sound usually reserved for bands with more than three members, and take as many cues from trippy psychedelia as doom or stoner metal. Its production and instrumentation are surprisingly raw, like it was all recorded from a distance at a very high volume with zero additional work. A cacophony of deep, rumbling bass and crisp cymbals and drums permeate every track, punctuated by a squealing lead guitar. The compositions are long and trance-inducing, switching from a slow dirge to an all-out assault often enough to keep things from getting boring. It’s perfect background noise to hypnotized by, and I lost all sense of time while listening to it. That may seem like a criticism, but it’s the highest compliment I can give to psychedelic music. As long as you don’t mind that their Bandcamp name is CUARZO669, the unrelenting heavy psych can be found here. [Blake Michelle]

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