Bandcamp Picks of the Week 4/12/17

Bandcamp Picks of the Week, large and in charge as it ever was. 

bandcamp picks of the week satan's hollow

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Satan’s Hollow – S/T

Genre: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Favorite Tracks: “Black Angel,” “Horror,” “Still Alive”

I find a lot of modern metal that owes a lot to the cleaner acts of ‘80s British heavy metal, like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, to be so high up its own ass on irony that it becomes insufferable. Satan’s Hollow pull from a similar period and style, but they don’t wink at you every five seconds and don’t come off like a leech feeding off people’s nostalgia. Mandy Martillo has a buttery-smooth voice, with a touch of hysteria and mania like a crazed preacher singing about vague creeping dread and running from demonic forces. The dual lead guitars are as classically metal as they can get, but the tempos are forceful, the licks are infectious, and the solos are far more impressive than I expected them to be. It’s campy, but it’s played with a lot of heart and conviction that sells its cheesy moments and how dated it is. SATAN’S HOLLOW is the perfect example of a record that doesn’t push any boundaries, but it puts a smile on your face regardless with the band’s clear love for its craft and their predecessors. If you loved the new wave of British heavy metal but rolled your eyes at Steel Panther and The Darkness, you can find an alternative here. [Blake Michelle]

bandcamp picks of the week triat

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Triathalon – COLD SHOWER

Genre: Alternative R&B

Favorite Tracks: “South Side,” “Come Thru,” “Smooth Move”

Though the cover of Triathalon’s COLD SHOWER is alluring, the music inside is somehow just as steamy as the woman’s arm lying on a tangled velvet bedsheet. Triathalon are a self described R&B surf band from Savannah, Georgia. Their music is mopey and mysterious, often sounding like the Twin Peaks soundtrack, if Twin Peaks were set in a ramshackle California surf town. Cold Shower is the latest of the band’s three releases, and is also the most unabashed in its R&B influence. “Come Thru” is the album’s most intimate track, featuring lyrics that sound like the shaggy indie boy remedy to Jeremih. The track is forthright in its cajolery, but it never comes across as humorous or uncomfortable, and is one of the most authentic modern makeout anthems. The album’s opener “South Side,” however, is COLD SHOWER’s finest moment. The track features impressive progression, top notch musicianship, and catchy songwriting. “South Side” is the perfect exposition for Traithalon’s darkest and most ambitious release yet, and is an essential listen for any fan of indie surf. Click here to experience the soundtrack to humid summer nights spent longing for love. [Ted Davis]

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