Bandcamp Picks of the Week 1/27/16

Bandcamp is a dense swamp of music with lots of incredible content lurking in the muck. Luckily, you’ve got the Crossfader music staff diligently hacking through the weeds every week to bring you promising new EPs and LPs available for your listening pleasure with Bandcamp Picks of the Week.

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foxes in fiction ONTARIO GOTHIC

Genre: Ambient Pop, Dream Pop

Favorite Tracks: “March 2011,” “Ontario Gothic”

This will be one of the only Bandcamp LPs the Crossfader staff out-and-out recommends you purchase, dear reader. This has nothing to do with the large envelope stuffed with crumpled notes of various denominations that foxes in fiction hurriedly slipped under our door in the wee hours of this morning (before furtively running off into the dewy morning hoping no one had seen them), and everything to do with the actual perks of purchasing this album. When paid for, the download comes with four video loops meant to be watched while listening to the record. The combination of the simple video loops and ONTARIO GOTHIC’s rich, dreamy soundscapes is absolutely meditative. Very rarely is a musical experience this entirely absorbing, soothing, and appealing. If you’re in need of a new way to unwind and lose yourself, ONTARIO GOTHIC will wrap you up in a warm blanket of sound just when you need it most.

Heavily indebted to the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Toro y Moi, and the Microphones, this is the perfect quiet and heartfelt indie record to conjure deep feelings nobody else could possibly understand, except perhaps that cute boy who never says anything in the back of English class but has eyes like the Seattle rain drops you have yet to witness with your own eyes but so desperately want to see. Sigh. Now if only he’d turn those Seattle raindrops of his to look in your direction, even once. What’s that? You’re still reading? Sorry, lost myself there. Anyway, you can stream the album and name your price here. [Carter Moon]

bandcamp picks of the week Picks2

Tomodachi FANK! 

Genre: World/Latin, Jazz, Electronica

Favorite Tracks: “Umami,” “Amigo,” “Bewith (Tomodachi Remix)”

Who doesn’t need some Brazilian jazz-electronica fusion in their life? FANK! is a groovy, sexy, and occasionally freaky record; the cool mystique of electro blends with latin rhythms to craft an immensely captivating record. Pile in some tinges of Flying Lotus hip hop-inspired funk and some truly strange vocal samples, and you’ve got yourself an effortlessly cool project. This is an album that manages to engage both the intellect and the emotions equally well. You can just as easily sit back and absorb it as put it on at a party and dance to it. Needless to say, Brazilian DJ Tomodachi is someone to watch for in the near future, considering the regularity with which he seems to drop LPs. You can stream FANK! and name your price here. [Carter Moon]

Carter Moon grew up in the desolate Evangelic capital of the world and responded by developing a taste in counter culture, which eventually bloomed into a love for filmmaking and screenwriting. Carter has average opinions on most things, but will defend them adamantly and loudly until no one else wants to bother speaking up. He runs Crossfader's podcast, IN THE CROSSHAIRS.

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